HUFFPOST Magazine Article Featuring Aziz Kaffel, Founder of LYVELY

In our first blog post, we have the honor to translate an article edited and published by the renowned HUFFPOST magazine. This article relates the journey of Aziz Kaffel, founder of LYVELY, and the story that led him to create an inspirational streetwear and lifestyle clothing brand and apparel. Aziz opens himself to share about his brand, his story, and the vision beyond his fashion brand. 

The title of the article, translated in english, states : "This young Tunisian starts his own streetwear brand in the United States : Meeting with Aziz Kaffel". Written and published by Yassine Bellamine. 

Aziz Kaffel

A mature dreamer. This is how Aziz Kaffel defines himself. A young Tunisian whose brand is trying to conquer the Streetweat market in America.

After graduating high school in Tunis, the young man studied Law at the university of Aix en Provence, where he obtained his Bachelor: "Only, something was missing me deeply. The taste of adventure and the unknown started to call me. That's when I chose to take the leap and go to the United States, leaving my law studies behind me. When I landed on American soil, in September 2015, I knew I had made the right decision". Says Aziz at HuffPost Tunisia.

After studying English, Lyvely's founder joined a community college in Los Angeles to pursue a bachelor's degree in business and administration: "I started to feel at that moment that something unique was growing inside of me. I was convinced that my entrepreneurial spirit, that I had since I was a child, was getting stronger and stronger ".

That's when the idea of starting his own project started to emerge. This idea, gave birth, in 2017, to Lyvely, a clothing brand and urban apparel, active and casual wear, "dedicated to inspire and communicate a message around values like originality, inspiration and an active lifestyle," says Aziz Kaffel.

Between passion for fashion and passion for business

The idea of ​​launching his brand of clothing is not trivial. If he could have launched his project in other areas, it is the one about fashion that interested him the most : "Since I was young, I always liked to dress differently from others. I was often asked to give advice to my friends and family on how to dress well in different contexts. I remember receiving several compliments about my style".

But the final inspiration came one evening, when one of his friends, suggested him "to create T-shirts and put them on sale". "At the moment, I told myself that it was a good idea. I spent the whole night thinking about it, when suddenly all the ideas about the essence of the brand, the origin of the logo and the business model came to my mind. Seeing this as a sign, I decided, that night, to launch my brand and I promised myself I would not give up until I succeed".

The United States, a well thought choice

If Aziz Kaffel decided to launch his brand in the United States and not another country, it was at the same time a personal challenge and also a business decision.

"As I often say, if we succeed in the United States, we can succeed anywhere else. I wanted to prove to myself that despite the competition, I was able to start a project and succeed. This requires a lot of sacrifice, but a sacrifice that is worth it. Also, since I lived in Los Angeles for three years, it was a logical decision to establish the brand in California, "he explains.

For him, Los Angeles has a huge potential in fashion, especially Streetwear. The U.S market generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year, payment methods are very sophisticated and consumers tend to give new brands a chance, as long as they bring them value. "Finally, the United States gives us the opportunity to deliver internationally, whether in Europe, Africa or Asia."

Lyvely, the ultimate Streetwear brand

In the United States, the Streetwear is a real culture : urban, chic, casual ..."It is a very versatile style. You can dress in 'Streetwear' mode for different occasions. For example, going to class, playing sports, or going to the bar on a Friday night" explains Aziz, adding,"I chose a style that represented me and the target I chose to focus on. I wanted to create something that carries a message, comfortable, that marries class and style, and gives the opportunity to have a wide range of products and accessories".

This target is the 18-34 years old, who love sports, adventure, art, spirituality, and who want to create and make a difference in society, "that explains our slogan 'Impact The World'".

Rightly, this slogan wasn't chosen by luck: "I want to work day and night, create my own definition of happiness, live my life fully, and serve as an example to my generation by reaching my potential. I want to offer those around me a presence, a helping hand that they can count on. I want to take on all the challenges and inspire others to become the best version of themselves. Also, no matter what situation we currently live in, if we have dream, everything is possible, and the limitations are only the ones that we create in our minds. Finally, if we work all together, hand in hand, around values like respect, kindness and integrity, we can build extraordinary things and live a more positive world behind us" explains Lyvely's founder. 

Even the brand offers today clothes for male only, some models are still unisex. Aziz Kaffel doesn't close the door to a possible development of the brand to female customers, "and why not also do kids collections". But one thing is certain : "Lyvely will always be a brand dedicated to Streetwear and Sportswear," not excluding the possibility of creating other brands in a more dressy and chic style.

By creating Lyvely, Aziz Kaffel wants to make his brand an experience: "It's also very important for me to create a platform that designers, sports people and models can use to get some exposure. Also, I wanted to offer the chance to amateurs to discover a passion around fashion and modeling, or simply, a beautiful experience to share with their loved ones ".

A first collection that calls for more

Launched a few months ago, Lyvely's first collection is starting to make a name for itself. But according to its founder, it is still too early to talk about success : "we have two other collections planned by the end of 2019. After that we can make a point about the success of the brand and if it has a chance to prosper " explains Aziz.

Confident in his start-up, the young Tunisian says that "success always takes time but we start to see some positive signs regarding the reception of the brand by consumers".

Tunisia in his sight ...

If Lyvely is just starting dressing Americans, Aziz Kaffel doesn't forget his native country, Tunisia, which could see the brand establish itself there : "Tunisia is a country that has tremendous potential and openness, especially among young people, that other African countries can envy us. In my opinion, the country deserves to see the opening of new projects in all industries. So yes, I think about commercializing the project in Tunisia, and also use the brand to create charities and help my country.

But the young man does not intend to stop there : "I also want to create projects other than in the fashion industry in order to encourage our economy, make our best products famous, and better use our resources ".

Yassine Bellamine, chief editor, journalist and blogger at HuffPost Maghreb.

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